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Poulan PRO

     This was the last of the Poulan pro grade saws. Pretty much the designs from the P-series Pioneer saws rebadged and in a few cases a couple changes. They had Dolmar make the 5500 and 6000 (Dolmar 144, 152 and 153) to take up a gap in the upper cc range saws which Poulan only had one with the 655 and later 655BP. They carried a couple series of saws from Pioneer and from their own series of saws but that was not to last. I think the merger or buy out was just to stream line production and take the customer base from both to try to secure a share in the market that was being taken over by Stihl, Husqvarna, Dolmar and Jonsered. The saws under the Poulan PRO name were top notch and had a following, but they were either not able to keep up or just sold out like most other companies were doing in the mid to late 1980's.

Vintage and rare Poulan Pro chainsaw based from the P series Pioneer chainsaws

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