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Poulan Pro 655 BP

    Now this was what I believe to be the last of the great Poulan saws made from what remained of the Poulan legacy before they sold out. It came out a bit to late for it's time of need. It is basically a 100cc muscle saw that missed the boat on the end of big wood logging. By the time it came out McCulloch and Homelite done sold out and the market was cornered by Stihl's 064 and 066 and Husqvarna's 2100 series saws. That aside it is a amazing saw!

    The Anti vibration, balance or torque to speed, newer oiler design and boost port added to later models of the 655's was a saw loved by it's users. It can handle a 36" bar in Northern hardwoods and sport a 42" bar in the Pacific Northwest's conifers. The only drawbacks I saw while working on the 3 that I have come across the bench are; 


-Large rubber carb boot that saw a lot of use as it was flexed with the AV system causing splits cracks debris had a direct route right down carb.


-The air filter it self was of a later era being only a flat piece that was held into place by the air filter cover.


They did have a K&N style filter that could be added or later offered a thicker filter that sat into the housing for a better seat-seal. Those aside the ignition well suited, carb was a good match, great anti-vibration for it's time and overall very easy to work on. After running both the 655 and 655 BP I would say unless you have a stop watch and are counting tenths of a second competition cutting your not missing anything. Running the saw is a experience any muscle saw guy would love. Deep popping of a idling 655 cycled into a winding roar when wide open throttle buried in wood is of its own amazing!



Tips from the Shop:

I took a video of both the Poulan Pro 655 and the 655BP cylinders to give an idea on the differences of both.    A quick way to tell the difference is by removing the recoil assembly which can be easy, then taking the muffler off and looking through the exhaust.

Vintage Poulan Pro 655 BP chainsaw

(Pioneer p60, p61, Poulan Pro 655)

Vintage chainsaws

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