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Reed Prentice Wolf Saw

    This is a "Wolf" based chainsaw. There are several models all of which are based off the second generation of Wolf's originally designed saw. This is in the second generation of Wolf units and second of that series. It has the larger 4 vane pneumatic powered unit. It is also equipped with the second style of chain made by Wolf after the reversible chain. It was designed mostly for underwater use and quickly became the main style till the smaller more easily maintained and easier to make scratcher chain was introduced.


The saw is VERY heavy as can be assumed. It was never intended to be a "logging saw" but was mostly used on the railroads (cutting R&R bridge beams) and in shipyards (bucking whalers "large squared logs" to be loaded into ships.) Buying a new saw mostly confined to companies and larger outfits as the cost was steep. Also to power one of these units took a enormous volume of air to run. I believe it was these saws along with the Sally Saw that ultimately gave birth to what would become the 2 man powered gas saws (chainsaws).


I will hopefully get the manuals I have scanned and downloaded for viewing here shortly. This is a impressive saw that is needed in any collection to show the period and overall stature the saws have.

Vintage rare Wolf chainsaw

Vintage chainsaws

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