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Poulan Pro 655 VS. 655BP

a look at both models and a way to easily tell them apart.

Have owned several and rebuilt both varieties. Seems the "BP" model commands the most attention as it has the "Boost port" cylinder. Bottom line, put a sharp chain on both and telling the difference between the 2 running stock is splitting hairs. But for most collectors, the rarest one always command s the most. So I broke down one of each to help ID either one the best I could with the cylinder on and with the cylinder off.

Use this info as a guide but not as a definate/final verdict! The Pioneer Pseries saws (P-61,P-65, ect.) that were still being used by owners in need of a top end were being rebuilt with the up dated BP "boost port" cylinders around 1998. 

Look into the Poulan Pro 655BP vintage chainsaw boost port cylinder and non boost port cylinder.

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