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McCulloch Super 250

     This is a hopped up version of the Mac series 87cc version frame saws.  Several of the ones I have had have come from my local area in Northeast Ohio and a few from the west coast area.  These saws have been sold nation wide and with some luck can be found in most to all areas McCullouch's were sold.

​     Mechanically speaking these are easy, straight forward to work on and maintain.  Parts are shared with a whole pile of like models and are still out there.  I have had both Mac flat back carbs and Tillotson carbs on them.  By far I prefer the Tillotson carb.  These are heavy saws compared to today's models but this doesn't lack any power especially the top end with torque. 

​     All in all a nice vintage saw to have in any collection.  I recommend a 24" bar with full comp .404 full chisel chain for some real fun!

First super 250 in our shop

Second super 250 through our shop

Vintage Mcculloch super 250 chainsaw

Vintage chainsaws

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