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Solo 611 Twin

     The Solo Twin  built in 1965 and sporting a 100cc motor,  seems to be a prized possession of many collectors.  I was highly disappointed after running mine.  This may have been from expectation of it being 100cc and getting classed in the muscle saw category.  It is at home running a 24"-30" bar which seems to be what was commonly used or put on it. 

     Running the saw makes up for any expectations of it being a muscle saw.  The sound is equal to a dirt bike screaming around a dirt track, which is difficult to hear on video.  Sporting a HL Tilotson carb, it is easy somewhat to tune by ear but a tach makes it much easier as it seemed easy to be tuned lean. 

     The mechanics and function of the saw were all pretty straight forward compared to most one man saws apart from the dual bore top end sporting two 50cc pistons in-line.  The air filter is also mentionable as it is referred to as "Lamella,"  basically 90 thin steel discs stacked atop each other.  I am not sure how this would hold up under heavy use.  The recoil also seemed to be difficult to get to being buried back away.  The saw was a blast to go through and run.  Highly recommend to run while keeping in mind it is not a true long bar wearing muscle saw.

Vintage Solo 611 TWIN chainsaw

Vintage chainsaws

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