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RARE Stihl muffler

PART# 1109 145 0200 For models:

090G / Contra G / Contra GS

I knew of this muffler for some time and was able to get it some time later. According to the LIMITED information being parts listing with it or production time I was able to find out it was made early in the 090G production. Basically after the Contra G and GS was evovled into the 090G and casted mufflers were still prevelant. With that it would have been a very short lived style and the last of the casted 1106 mufflers as all other 1106 mufflers for the 090G were stamped and furnace brazed tin.

Stihl 1109 145 0200 Muffler for 090G Contra  G and Contra GS

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