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Lombard GS-7

with early style helper handle

     On an overview of this saw, this was an early 2-man chainsaw for the East coast chainsaw producers.  The first Lombard GS's were designated GS 6.  The GS stood for "Gas Saw" and the 6 referred to the horse power rating of the 24X1 engine that was produced by Homelite.  500 24X1 were produced and then production switched to the GS7 using a Homelite 24X2 engine rated 7 horse power.  They are both relatively equal when run side by side from a cutter point of view.

     I can't say much on the point of durability with limited run time on these old beasts.  (Note:  early development of partnerships between early chainsaw manufactureres Homelite, Poulan, and Lombard as Homelite made the engines for both Lombard and Poulan 2-man saws).  These saw companies later turned in house for their own manufacturing later on. 

     The saw itself  is built pretty much straight forward, mimicking similiar mechanical styles to saws built in the same time period.  The block body style and solid built functions of early to mid 40's standards make it a cool looking and smooth running saw once you have one tuned in.

Vintage 2 man Lombard GS6 GS7 chainsaw

Vintage chainsaws

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