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    Chainsaw companies seemed to all come out with a mid size (60-70cc) light weight gear drive to fill a void from the larger direct drive and large gear saws. Some areas of the big log country, one could get away with a smaller saw that was gear driven to give the torque needed for the occasional big stick instead of the larger frame saws. This seemed to be the residential/homeowner version supplied by Sears. It had a tried and true (Power Products engine) AH-49 1446 motor. One big thing I noticed right away was the  gear drive assembly being dry where all others had oil bath style of lubrication. I am sure a couple made it into a commercial job but these saws weren't built or engineered to take the punishment a (Stihl, Mcculloch or Homelite) would have. The G-49 is a relatively easy saw to work on and pretty straight forward mechanically. As long as the motor was governed down along with the gear reduction,  these saws were very slow but with enough torque to be versatile as a good firewood saw for all around cutting needs.

Vintage Sears G49 gear drive chainsaw

Vintage chainsaws

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