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754 Military


     The saw was made for one year in 1961 (under a military contract). It pretty much fits between model 75G and 770G. It is an 82cc Reed ported gear drive that weighs a ton and is full of torque.

     I would have to say that after running it, it is the most gear down saw I have ran. If it has .404, 7/16" or 1/2" chain I would definitely take the rakers down a couple thousandths;  not to make it faster,  but just to get it to cut well!!  The saw looks great all military green with large dawg/felling spikes displayed.  These saws give the gear whiz sound right along the Stihl 090G or Canadien 276 since they are a torqued up gear drive.

     Mechanically it is built around the engine and can seem a bit much to work on, but it isn't as bad as it seems once it is back together! Worth the effort on any Remington gear drive!

Vintage Remington 754 military chainsaw

Similar to the 770 gear drive Remington

Vintage chainsaws

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